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Shanghai Huiang Industrial CO.,LTD.is located in Shanghai.We rely on Fudan University, Shanghai Jiangtong University, Zhejiang University, domestic famous universities.Huiang engaged in the research and manufacture of 100% biodegradable materials and related applications.We are committed to become the leader of biodegradable plastics industry.To provide high-grade 100% biodegradable TPS/PBAT, PLA resin and related derivatives to plastics manufacturers and consumers, such as: shopping bags, garbage bags, film, disposable tableware, children's tableware, etc.Our production has passed the American test lab biobased testing content,Vincotte,OK-biobased four-star certification in Belgium and American SGS FDA food contact safety inspection mechanism.In line with the European Union EN13432, American ASTM D6400 and China GB/T 20197.More importantly, our products are exported to Asia, Europe, the United States,other countries and regions, favored by customers.


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